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China Jiangsu MHP.

We supply wireless antenna,cable connectors,PCB/PCBA and other consumer electronic products as well as precision metal products,hardware,and components for industrial area. We offer a full line of services to our customers, from developing the mold to making final products with precision machining and various finishes, such as zinc or chrome plating, sand blasting, painting, anodizing, PVC powder coating, and electrophoresis. 
We manufacture our products according to ISO9001 & ISO14001certification standards, and are equipped with precision machines and full series of testing/analysis facilities. We provide use of a CAD/3D design system, and our experienced engineering and QA/QC team members will follow up and supervise each of your OEM/ODM orders.
We are now currently exporting our goods to North America, Europe and Japan. If you are looking for a reliable subcontractor in China, please feel free to send us.